The Artistic Creativity Of Fashion Designers In Creating Profit

Since all countries were hit by Covid-19, various countries have imposed the use of masks on their citizens as a condition that they must do when they are in public places or outside their homes. Moreover, as we can see in various news reports, it is proven that the virus can mutate to a more deadly virus. Of course, this makes us always have to live a healthy life and obey the rules that have been set by the government. Although the effectiveness of the use of masks is still being debated, masks have become part of lifestyle changes in addition to maintaining physical distance in adapting to COVID-19. Of course, there is no harm in using a mask because this can not only minimize the virus that can enter through the mouth but you will also avoid pollution from vehicle fumes. Unlike the debates that are still being carried out by politicians, now fashion designers have begun to design a fashion mask display that shows a certain symbol. There are even masks that have the appearance of a symbol of freedom or Ultimate Flags.

Fashion designers design a mask with various forms of various images, this is part of a trend that has artistic creativity. The designers see the market opportunity that is now more directed to the fashion trend of making masks, which can bring an advantage during the current pandemic. They seem to be able to express or deconstruct an opinion, which means that an open face represents modernity and freedom from religion, freedom of choice, or so on.

Designing masks by illustrating a symbol that better defines the freedom they want to feel. One of them we can see from the way American fashion designers show their creativity in the form of masks with political symbols, flag symbols, or symbols that are more directed towards freedom and so on.

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