Packing Tips

Are you the type of person who often lazy for packing and finally just starts packing before midnight while you have to leave early morning? Calm down, we’ve put together the most practical packing tips and tricks already used by ‘packing experts’ from

– Sort by day
Of all your clothes, sort by a number of holiday days and activity types. For example, when you get there on Friday, you will wear which clothes and in the evening you will have dinner at a fancy place wearing what clothes. So separate the two types of clothes for Friday and so on according to the schedule and duration of your vacation. If you are on vacation for longer, more than two weeks, consider also to bring clothes that you can re-wear so as not to carry a lot of clothes.

– Separate toiletries and cosmetics
Make sure all the toiletries, body treatments and cosmetics are stored in a bag or a special small bag that is watertight so that if spilt, your clothes will not be a victim. If you leave by plane, do not forget to store toiletries that are more than 100ml in check-in luggage. Planning to travel to Europe? Prepare also a ziplock bag because many airports in Europe require all the fluids and creams put in the bag.

– Fold or roll?
These are two different tricks in the packing world that are often debated. Which is actually better? The answer is both. T-shirts, casual dresses, and clothes with non-tangle material should be rolled tightly to save space. As for shirts, formal dresses, and clothes that are easily wrinkled should be folded as usual and place at the top of the pile of clothes. Similarly with heavy and thick clothing, such as jeans, jackets or sweaters that you can even spread out just as other clothes in the suitcase.

– Take advantage of empty space
Find empty space in the suitcase, for example on the sidelines of a pile of clothes to slip a belt and even sandals. If you carry a spare bag in the suitcase, put your panties into it. Socks? Bring it into the shoe that you keep the suitcase (or it could be a bag to store the accessory).

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