Living On Properties In Punta Cana Is One Of The Best Offering

With many popular tourist destinations you can see at, it’s difficult to pinpoint one particular thing that made the area so popular, but not so with Punta Cana on the Punta Cana coast, which stretches for about 63 miles from Bavaro to the north Cap. Extending Cana in the south, there is an easily identifiable event that happened in 1984 that literally changed everything and completely transformed this region into the mega-popular tourist destination it is today, before it now typically offers beds for more than 70,000 people at a time.

Punta Cana has definitely established itself as one of the best places to visit in the world for travelers. There is no end in sight to growth in this area. The coast has been essentially a “gold rush” for large hotel companies, especially Spanish-owned ones, since the area was opened by the international airport. To take advantage of the view, they popped up almost overnight. The infrastructure has also improved significantly as funds have been made available for large projects.
Punta Cana Airport also blends in very well with the Dominican landscape and makes a pleasant first impression when tourists come in. It has an open-air design with a picturesque thatched roof made of palm leaves. All the materials required for the construction of the airport were used, were brought. from local sources including palm trees, native wood, and native coral, a very deliberate effort by Frank Rainieri and the other Punta Cana Group investors who privately funded the airport. He reached out to a Dominican architecture student at Pratt University and agreed to do so for free in order to make a name for himself.

He has since become quite famous and is well paid for other projects in the Dominican Republic. Initially, Grupo Punta Cana tried to get the Dominican Republic government to fund or at least partially fund the construction of the international airport, but after 8 years they realized they had to fund it entirely privately. They should be credited with their vision and perseverance, as a privately financed airport of this size has never been built. However, they had the much-needed approval and cooperation from the government of the Dominican Republic, otherwise the project would never have come about.

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