Know the Causes and How to Treat Tooth Abrasion

Tooth abrasion is generally caused by the wrong way of brushing your teeth. No need to worry, this condition can be overcome by making a crown or dental filling. Bad habits like biting a pencil, opening a bottle cap with your teeth, or chewing betel leaf, can cause abrasion. In addition, abrasion can also be caused by the wrong brushing technique, the use of abrasive toothpaste, and the use of toothpicks, and improper use of dental floss. Bruxism or grinding teeth also have a big role in the occurrence of abrasion. If you have an abrasion, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination and determine whether the problem you are experiencing requires further treatment or monitoring is sufficient. Find the right dentist with dentist seo who will help you find more general dentist recommendations and specialists.

The surface of the abraded tooth can vary depending on the object in contact with the tooth. The tooth surface will have sharp and irregular edges. Abrasion can also be shaped like a V on the neck of the tooth. This is due to the habit of brushing teeth that are too strong. If the abrasion is accompanied by other dental conditions, such as pain, infection, or trauma, then treatment will be carried out after correcting the dental problem.

Abrasion treatment is done by repairing the damaged tooth surface. Two ways to do this are making dental crowns or fillings. The manufacture of dental crowns or dental crowns requires two stages. In the first stage, the doctor will perform a dental X-ray examination to check the condition of the roots of the teeth and the bones around the teeth to be crowned. The doctor will administer anesthetics, create a framework for the teeth, and then place a temporary crown on the tooth. This temporary crown aims to protect the teeth during the process of making permanent dental crowns. The second stage is carried out at the next meeting. The doctor will replace the temporary dental crown with a permanent dental crown. Dental fillings are performed on tooth abrasions located at the neck of the tooth. This filling process is generally carried out with resin material, which is a dental filling material that has a color similar to the color of the tooth.

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