It’s About Types Of Beer And Its Ingredients

The brewing industry is a huge global industry, and today it is mostly controlled by conglomerates formed from a mix of smaller entrepreneurs. Although beer is generally an alcoholic beverage, there are several variations from the western world which in their processing remove almost all of the alcohol content, thus making what is called a beer without alcohol. Additionally, if you wish to know more about breweries in Ireland, you may go to right away.

Types of beer include:

– Light Beer is a beer with an alcohol content of 2-4%. Made from cereals and barley flour.
– Ale is a beer with a higher alcohol content than the light type. Uses more hops and a darker color. The basic ingredients are cereal and aromatic malt.
– Lager is a type of beer that is aged longer.
– Stout is a beer with a fairly high alcohol content, which ranges from 14% more. Due to its color is being dark, it is also called black beer. The base is an aromatic malt with lots of hops and colored with caramel (roasted sugar).
The raw material used for brewing beer is malt, which is barley or a kind of grain that is germinated and dried.

If you want to use it, the shoots must be removed. Barley seeds are mostly produced from European countries such as France and Belgium or Australia.

Malt is a raw material that contains a lot of starch, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Another ingredient is hops or Humulus hupulus which is a kind of herbaceous plant that has a distinctive aroma and taste. The plant part used for brewing is the flower part, the sap of the plant’s juice, which is dried. This ingredient will add to the aroma and taste of the resulting liquid. The essential oils in hops used to influence the taste and aroma of beer are myrcene, linalool, geraniol, humulene, and so on. This plant contains a lot of tannins (pyrogallol and catechol) which in the beer invention process will bind to protein and must be removed because it affects the clarity of the beer. In addition, there is also â-resin content which will give a bitter taste. The presence of this bitterness is the characteristic taste that is desired in beer.

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