How to Make a Sticker with a Regular Inkjet Printer

Use quality sticker paper, you can choose some of the papers that have been previously described and find what you need. You can buy it at the nearest paper or printing shop, usually sold in letter size in packs of 50 sheets. To avoid mistakes in purchasing the paper, just tell the shopkeeper that you specifically need papers for making custom stickers.

Then, design the sticker that you want to make with any software you can. You can use photo editing applications such as Inkscape, GIMP, Photoshop, Microsoft Word or other software that allows you to edit images and text.

Next, use a standard letter-sized document. If you want to make several stickers on one paper, maximize paper usage by setting the image layout to fit on one paper. Make sure there is still space between the images as a place to cut the sticker.

Next, check the colours you used in your sticker design. Using heavy colours will reduce your printer’s ink supply. For example, if your design is predominantly red, then the red ink in your printer will run out quickly.

After that. do a test printing by printing an image on paper can to make sure your printout is as you expect.

Sticker paper is usually more expensive, so it is better to use plain paper first to test it because it is cheaper.

If there is an error during the experiment, mark one side of the paper before inserting it into the printer again, repeat several times until you are sure.

After that, insert a piece of sticker paper into the printer to print it. Try not to load too much paper, because it can damage your printer.

Let the printed ink dry, because the sticker paper type is not like normal document paper, it takes a few minutes to dry.

Finally, cut the stickers using paper scissors if you want to cut them individually. But if you have a sharp cutter, you can cut them all at once. If your sticker has a certain pattern, then cut it one by one patiently.

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