Financial Level is Important to Know, Which Are You?

Everyone is at a different financial level. There are those who, after working and earning an income, immediately manage their finances well so that all the necessities of life can be fulfilled properly. However, nowadays there are still many people who do not manage their finances. They prefer to just ‘time pass’, aka spend money when it is needed at that time. Not a few people who apply this kind of finance do not have savings or emergency funds because finances are not well controlled. By not implementing financial management, as a result, often makes someone more stressed with financial problems, even though the income is quite large but just runs out. You can find many tips by visit here.

So that you don’t experience financial stress, identify your various financial levels and financial position early on. That way, you can find solutions to overcome financial problems so that your financial level can increase every time.

The most basic or lowest level of finance is financial ignorance. Generally, someone whose financial position is at this level is indifferent, ignorant, indifferent, does not care about his finances. The most important thing is that you get income, then you just have to use it. At this level of financial ignorance, you prefer to just follow the financial flow, aka use money if you need it at that moment. Whether to buy daily necessities to buy items such as clothes, shoes, bags, and other desired.

Financial pride is a financial level that is already good, which is where one’s finances are very safe. You could say you already have a monthly or daily income that is greater than before and has fewer expenses. Maybe you only spend money to make ends meet, pay bills, emergency funds, savings, and minimal capital investment. With a financial condition like this, of course, financial pride can buy the desired expensive item. You can also get various experiences that you may have never had. For example, a vacation to a dream country, following a new education, and so on.

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