Can Cause Injury, This Is A Type Of Sport That Women Should Avoid

Many women are now starting to exercise regularly because they want to get or maintain ideal body weight. You might think that all types of exercise will provide similar benefits. But in fact, some types of exercise for women are not necessary, just a waste of time, or can even cause injury. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary things, then you can listen to what sportswomen should avoid. Also, you will find specific guidelines for what types of sports are suitable on our official website at

If you want to have a six-pack stomach, then sit-ups are not the right type of exercise for women. The reason is, sit-ups can only move some muscles and make them shrink. Especially when you lower your shoulders to the floor, you’re only relying on the momentum of your legs to help you move, not focusing on your mid-abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis). To form a six-pack stomach, you must be able to focus on the type of cardio exercise that is balanced with nutritious food to burn fat overall. After that, just continue with core strength exercises which are more effective in forming a muscular stomach.

Instead of doing the wrong sit-ups, immediately replace them with planks. Planks can help strengthen your abdominal muscles and lower your risk of back injury. Bend your elbows and position your elbows below or parallel to your shoulders. Make sure your toes are pressing against the floor with your body straight, then slowly lift your body. Activate your abdominal muscles to make them stronger and not burden your waist. Keep your eyes looking forward so you don’t strain your neck and maintain a balanced plank.

Experts reveal that most women rely solely on the momentum of the legs when tilting their bodies. Whereas the muscles that should be used are the deep abdominal muscles (obliques). Not to mention that if you tilt too much to the side and are too strong when holding your body weight, this will make you vulnerable to injury.

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