Advantages of Vinyl Stickers

The main advantages of Vinyl stickers are in their durability that exceeds ordinary paper stickers such as HVS, and also the quality of the resulting design images are very sharp and on par with photos. Vinyl stickers are very durable to use for a long time, and have good water resistance so they won’t fade easily, making them one of the best Custom Stickers for outdoor use.

There are various manufacturers that sell vinyl stickers, but some of the big names that are often used include Ritrama, Oracal, and 3M, each of which is well known for its quality. However, these Vinyl stickers are not without their weaknesses, but usually it is more due to supporting factors and not from the vinyl material itself.

Some of the factors that become the weakness of vinyl stickers are the use of ink that is not good, or using a printing machine that is not qualified, so you have to be really careful in choosing a printing vendor. Generally good inks for use, especially for outdoor needs are oil-based inks such as solvent ink, ecosolvent, mild solvent, and also latex ink, and so on. As for the printing machine, it is better to use a machine capable of producing high resolution, such as those owned by Roland, Mutoh, Fujixerox, or Mimaki brand printing machines.

For example, if you want to see it based on the method of gluing, the vinyl sticker will be divided into 2 types, namely:

Vinyl Adhesive
Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)
Adhesive Vinyl is a type of vinyl that is commonly used for digital sticker printing, which on the back of the paper has been coated with an adhesive that is easy to peel and stick.

For Adhesive Vinyl, it can even be further divided, namely Vinyl which uses a white base layer or Vinyl which uses a transparent/clear base layer.

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