You Can Do These 7 Tips To Maintain Your Leather Clothing

Leather clothing is synonymous with Rock and Roll, right? A black leather jacket, combined with faux leather leggings, is also a matching color and a boot with a few bling accents to be rockers’ favorite outfit. Leather clothing is synonymous with the masculine. However, make no mistake, women also like this type of leather. Several world-class fashion designers such as Alexander Wang, Hermes, and Donna Karan still love this leather material and continue to produce clothes from this material from season to season. This leather material is always the favorite of fashion designers for their summer fashion collections.

If you like wearing leather clothes, and you want to be able to take good care of them, here are 7 tips on how to care for leather clothes:

1. Always pay attention to the care label listed and follow the rules. Avoid washing leather clothes using detergents.

2. Make sure to store it properly as the leather is flexible and conforms to shape. Avoid folding clothes because it will leave marks. If you want to hang it, be sure to choose the correct size hanger. Besides, we don’t want to have that weird bump on the leather jacket sleeves, right?

3. When storing in the wardrobe, store the clothes in a clothing pocket that allows the leather material to breathe. Avoid using plastic bags. Remember, high humidity levels can damage the leather material. So, store leather clothing in a place that is not damp.

4. After use, let the leather clothes dry at room temperature. Avoid drying the leather jacket in the hot sun.

5. If there are light wrinkles on the leather clothing, try these easy methods. Set the rayon iron for a few moments. Cover clothes with brown paper, then iron the clothes right on top of the brown paper.

6. Always use suede and leather protector as a preventive measure. Continue with a leather cleaner and if you want to apply any product to clean blemishes on the leather, always test the small hidden spots first.

7. If exposed to water and creates a watermark, clean it with a damp cloth.

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