Tips For Choosing Thin Men Watches You Should See

The selection of sometimes still ignores the shape by the shape of the hand. Though the watch is quite influential on the appearance of a man. Some men even just choose watches based on their favorite models and brands without seeing whether the watch is already proportional to our hands. Including by some men who have thin or small sized hands. The watch will look lame with the size of the wearer’s hand. has collected several tips that can be followed when choosing a watch.

Tips on choosing a watch for thin-bodied men.
1. Pay Attention to the Diameter of the Watch
Owners of small or thin hands would be better if choosing the diameter of the watch which is also smaller than the diameter of the wrist. If a thin wrist but choose a wide diameter watch will make the hand look smaller. The size of the watch diameter with the wrist diameter must match. You can ask your loved one or friends for advice, or whoever you invite when buying a watch.

2. Wristwatch Strap
Strap or watch strap must also be adjusted to the size of the diameter of the watch and the diameter of the wrist. The strap that can be chosen for you who have thin hands should be small. A small strap will add the impression that your hand has a proportional size and not too flashy.

3. Suitable colors
If you are not sure about the size of the clock you have chosen and the diameter of the wrist strap, you can outsmart it with the color of the watch that matches your skin tone. If you have brown hands, you can choose a brown strap and a dark hour. Or if you have bright skin color, you can choose brightly colored watches, such as light brown or beige. The color of the watch that matches the color of your hand’s skin will help disguise the disproportionate size of the watch.

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