There Are Ways To Maintain Kitchen Countertops Based On Their Materials

A kitchen countertop or countertop must always be used every day. Put raw food ingredients, food processing, sometimes even used as a base for cutting food. When processing food any kitchen table is also exposed to liquid ingredients that can damage the layers and texture. Such as sauce, soy sauce, salt, vinegar. For this reason, countertops need to be regularly maintained and cleaned. In addition, if you want a countertop that can be maintained easily, we suggest you check out dallas granite countertops.

So that the countertop’s surface can be maintained well, you can carry out the following maintenances based on the material:


Granite countertops must be coated at least once a year. Granite is a porous substance and covering it with a layer that can protect it from the effect of absorbing the liquid that is on the table. You can do a simple test to see if granite countertops need to be sealed. Drop a few drops of water on the granite table and see if there is foam. If not, it must be coated immediately.


The laminating countertop layer does not require a certain sealer or protection. However, the kitchen table material must be cleaned regularly from stains and oil buildup that can damage it.

Be careful not to use too much water or acid cleaners. Leaving stains and hard materials for a long time can damage this material quickly.

Butcher Block

The countertop butcher block needs to be oiled regularly. Make sure the oil used is safe for food. Routine proper cleaning will make this table more durable. However, if you don’t have the time to clean it yourself, as long as you have a budget, don’t hesitate to hire cleaning services for the sake of maintaining its durability and cleanliness.


If the countertop is made of ceramic or porcelain tiles, the routine cleaning routine is to always clean it immediately after use. If not, it tends to make it dull. Occasional cleaning using soap and sponge to remove the remaining oil that can not be lost if wiped.

A Good Craft for Natural Stones

It is a common sense that some of people think about art as the decoration in their houses. Some of them want to get a unique yet aesthetical value for their interior designs. If you are one of them and you search for a good quality craft for natural stone shop then you have to check this Marble countertops dallas out. In this article you can some of useful information about natural stones and you may get a lot of inspirations from them.

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Some of modern artisans in this modern era also study about this wonderful crafting idea. They also study about those different kinds of natural stones because they need to know their textures as well. Some of them also figure out sort of techniques to create few of lovely crafts from those natural stones.

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