Effective Way to Lose Weight

Almost most people always have problems with weight. There are those who want to gain or even lose weight. Both of these are not easy. There are many ways you can do to make these two things happen. One of them is by exercising. Exercise is synonymous with one way to lose weight. There are two types of exercise to lose weight from workout den that are very well known.

Two types of sports that are believed to be able to lose weight include low impact and high impact sports. Both types of exercise are equally beneficial for heart health and burn bad cholesterol. However, which one is more effective at losing weight? Low impact or high impact? The following is a discussion of the two types of sports.

Low Impact
This type of sport is a sport that uses the foot as a support when the movement is in progress. This movement keeps your feet on the floor. Examples include walking, running, cycling, yoga, gymnastics, and others. Usually, this type of exercise is highly recommended for people who are still starting to exercise, are pregnant women, are overweight, or have bone injuries. Low impact exercise is a type of mild exercise with low intensity and does not put a lot of strain on the joints and bones with every movement. Even so, the low impact also requires energy and is able to burn some fat in the body.

High Impact
As with low impact, high impact is a type of exercise that brings both legs to do the jumping motion or arguably does not step on the floor simultaneously. High impact sports movements such as jumping rope, squat jump, and other jumps. This exercise will put weight on the hips, ankles, and knees. That is why injuries are more common in people who exercise high impact. This exercise that is too burdensome for the feet is not recommended for sufferers of joints or problems in the legs. High impact is indeed very helpful for burning large amounts of calories in a short time when compared to low impact. That means, high impact is much more effective and faster in losing weight.