Lose Weight Faster with Swing Dance

Want to know a fun way to lose weight fast? Join a dance class. Regardless of the type of dance, be it contemporary dance, hip-hop, swing, tango, Zumba, or salsa for 30 minutes can reduce waist circumference compared to spending a long time in the gym. Moreover, the researchers also found other benefits namely improving mental health. You can go to themoderndancer.com/swing-dancing-shoes/ and find out more dance fact.

Dancing not only increases positive emotions and decreases negative emotions, such as the effect of regular exercise, but also reduces fatigue. Dancing is also a form of physical activity that makes the body more energized. In addition, it also increases social interaction with other dancers so that it is good for mental health and overall body health.

In their research, they analyzed students aged 24 to 38 years. A total of 15 dancers from London’s City Academy were also among the participants and took part in a series of dance classes. Their heart rate, their ability to reach great distances, their energy levels, and their psychological state are measured. The participants then took part in several types of dance classes for 30 minutes such as ballet, ballroom, contemporary, salsa, street style, and swing. Every jump, loop, spine movement, and chest jerk while dancing were also analyzed.

As a result, the researchers were surprised because the study showed that participants who took part in contemporary dance, street style, and swing classes consumed more calories than when they ran, swam, or biked during the same period. For 30 minutes, participants who dance the swing burn 293 calories, while running only 246 calories and swimming only 249 calories. The results also showed that the six types of dances included in the study could be classified as a form of high-intensity physical activity.

This research provides interesting insights into the many health benefits of dancing. We came to know that dancing is a fun and sustainable way to keep the body fit, and above all, it can be done by everyone.

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