Don’t Need To Be Shy, Crying When Watching Movies Turns Signs Of Strong People, Good For Mental Health

When watching a movie, rarely do we get carried away with the emotions of the scenes shown. Good watching streaming like in or directly in the cinema. If the film is funny, that watching can laugh too. Likewise, if the film is sad, the audience can also cry.

However, usually, people will be embarrassed if you cry when watching a movie. Especially if you watch the film at the cinema. Apart from being whiny and weak, fear of being ridiculed by others is one of the factors people are ashamed to cry.

1. Unburden and Strengthen Empathy
According to researchers, the emotional sense released while watching is healthy. It can make us release the buried “burden”, which also helps to reduce the level of stress that is stuck in the self.

O] People who cry when watching movies tend to have positive things that not many others have, which is empathy. Empathy is not a thing that shows physical strength. However, empathy is a sign that we have high emotional strength.

2. Easy to Interact
Research shows that fiction, whether in the form of books or films, will increase the ability of empathy. This makes sense because fiction allows us to imagine a different reality.

Now, this makes us more open and able to understand other individuals. As a result, we will be a figure who is easier to interact with other people and loving.

3. Enter the Mind of Others
Sad fiction films get us into other people’s minds. Not only in the sense of studying one’s character, but also seeing the ‘other world’ as others see it.

Sad films are designed to influence the emotional level of others. When watching movies with emotional content, the brain releases the hormone oxytocin, a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter.

4. Benefits of Connecting with Character
Besides, having an admirable character in a film or series can also reduce a person’s risk of experiencing loneliness. Oh yes, feeling connected to the characters in the film or series can also increase emotional intelligence.

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