Do You Know How To Clean Meat Grinder Properly?

The meat grinder consists of several parts, such as a pusher, plate grinder, knife, and also the grinding machine itself. When we are going to dismantle the machine we should be careful. We recommend that we look at the manual on how to disassemble the machine, we do this so that the machine is not damaged. However, if your meat grinder parts are damaged, we recommend you visit the meat grinder repair parts store immediately.

The first we have to do is wash every part of the machine using soap until clean. Then prepare hot water and put it in a large bucket or basin. After that, add the bleach to the hot water bath, only then can we put each part of the machine into the tub or basin that we have given the bleach to. Leave it on for 15 minutes, then rinse every part of the meat grinder using clean water. Wipe dry to prevent rust. We can use a dry cotton cloth so that all kinds of water or other stains can be absorbed properly. When finished, we can immediately wrap it in the box, so as not to get direct contact with the air. This contact will make the meat grinder dusty, reducing hygiene, and preventing rust.

Or we can store each part of the meat grinder in several plastic bags filled with a few grains of rice. The rice here is to prevent moisture in the meat grinder. When we need a meat grinder, we can use it well, but after we finish using it we have to be able to clean it properly so that it is completely rust-free. This is a must, we also have to make sure that the meat grinding machine is stored neatly, dry, and also free of moisture. That way the meat grinding machine will not rust quickly and is safe to use.

Of course, it is very important to keep this meat grinding machine hygienic, because it will involve the food that we will serve, of course, we will not serve food that is dangerous to our beloved family. When we can store it properly, the food will be good too.

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