5 Ways To Care For Parker Pens To Keep Them Long

The fountain pen is a pen that is very well known in various circles, both among students and professionals. One of them is pen type parker. In addition to having an exclusive and elegant shape and design, Parker pens also provide users with comfort when writing. An example of a well-known type of parker is The Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer which is a Top 11 Fountain Pens. Known as one of the leading pen brands in the world, Parker Pens are widely used by the upper-middle class, making the price of this pen exclusive. Of course, exclusive products require special attention to remain durable. Here are some ways to keep and use Parker Pens to keep them long.

First, you must always replace the Parker pen cap with the tip of the pen facing up. Second, if you want to travel by airplane with your Fountain Pen. Make sure your pen is empty or fully charged. At a certain height, the incoming air can expand and force the ink out. Third, if you plan on not using your Parker pens for a while. Make sure your pen is empty and the tip is cleaned before you put it away. The liquid contained in the ink when mixed with oxygen will experience oxidation which can cause the pen’s eye to rust and damage if there is still ink left in the pen.

Fourth, make sure when writing your Parker pen cap is attached to the top of the pen. The goal is if you accidentally drop your pen then the heavier part of the pen cap will fall to the floor first instead of the pen eye. Fifth, clean and wash the eyes of Parker pens and other parts at least once a month with plain water until the water runs clear.

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