3 Minimalist Garden Design Tips On Narrow Land

Narrow land is not a barrier to being able to have a beautiful garden. With detailed planning and careful calculation, a plot of land in the front and back yards can be transformed into a beautiful garden to beautify the whole house. For those of you who need park management services, you can use landscaping surrey services as the right choice for your garden. The following are minimalist garden design tips in a narrow area that you can try. First, determine the area and location of land for the park. Before making a design, determine in advance how much land will be used for the park. This land mapping serves to determine the theme or concept of the park and various types of plants that will decorate the park. For the actual location, there are no specific rules. It is just better if the park is placed on the front porch of the house, precisely in the corner of the yard.

Second, determine the theme of the park to be built. Determine the theme of the garden can be adjusted to taste or adjust it to the overall theme of the house. There are a variety of theme parks that can be chosen such as tropical themes for areas with fairly high rainfall rates. To give a dynamic impression, add wood and various types of stones as a carport.

Third, determine the types of plants that will be chosen to decorate the garden. Determine the type of plant because the type of plant must not be careless and must be adjusted to the area of land for the park. If the land is too narrow, avoid planting too many types of plants because it will make the garden seem dirty. To bring the impression of enthusiasm and cheerfulness, the right choice is a medium-sized colorful flower to give the impression of beautiful can be done by dominating the park with green plants.

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